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 Chemical fiber Market: in the "winter"

Weaving and taking in the field of demand remains in the doldrums, spandex, nylon decline still further, acrylonitrile capacity growth is too fast, excess situation intensified, the industry chain by last year's top of the table directly down to 2015 list tail, especially like PTA industry chain price multi in 5000 yuan / tons of the following shakeouts operation, April two explosion accident a short-term boost to the market, but it is only "a flash in the pan", prices continue to refresh the record low. Up to now, China's PTA production capacity of about 15 million tons, in this context after the drop out of production capacity, new capacity put in slow, the industry to maintain a low operating rate phenomenon highlights. Upstream international crude oil prices fell, the U.S. crude oil futures contract fell to 34.53 U.S. dollars / barrel, exacerbated the plight of the PTA industry. Downstream polyester affected by the low cost of conduction, excess supply, demand continued to slump, such as the impact of lower prices overall.

The world we live in is a subtle yet significant change. Fashion and technology integration and remodeling of ecological value view, the rapid development of mobile Internet, social network rise, essentially changed our daily life style and behavior pattern, bring us a refreshing strange world. At the same time, the essence of Chinese traditional culture is expressed, displayed and spread in a more modern way. Faced with many uncertain risks of economy and environment, people are constantly filter out impetuous and negative attitude to replace the belief and attitude with a more peaceful and dynamic attitude. This is a financial times, is also a variable time, thawing and two undercurrent of light and shade staggered, young and enthusiastic, creating a new era temperament.

Willingness, vitality, passion and creativity, the rapid development of the mobile Internet, gave birth to a special and vibrant group - a guest. The network brings life whenever and wherever possible the inexhaustible inspiration, creativity has never been so interesting and accessible. Inspired by the collision of different areas, let the design have burst diversified show and not sticking to formalities. When the combination of fashion and technology, visual expression and the aesthetic of the game will be the greatest degree of combination, the rise of a guest, is to change the running track of the times with the power of the.

Soft orange and blazing silver and rational carbon grey together, create elegant high-end technical style. Intense color, like passion, creativity and adventure, stimulates our eyes. Pink tone with sweet and humorous temperament to reconcile the color palette, to meet the needs of a more relaxed and interesting network era. Laser engraving of mesh fabric, comfortable and durable coated fabric, ultra thin waterproof coating fabric, soft apeak latex coating, with shiny plastic fabric, embossing and jacquard technology to create the 3D effect; multiple surface reflecting the formation of iridescent sheen, decorative moving mesh fabric, metal coated fabric, crisp, high-tech materials fabric.
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